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Why choose Us?E. C. Fennell, P. A. (ECF) is a multi-disciplined corporation with Power Systems professionals providing technical solution services to the Electrical Energy Markets as well as public and private sectors. ECF's core business is to serve Utility Companies, Renewable/Non-Utility Interconnection Projects, Private Development Projects and Public Municipal Agencies. We serve those entities on an array of projects offering energy consulting, engineering, design, mechanical, electric and public health systems, procurement and construction phase services. Our services are tailored to meet industry guidelines, technological advances, and most importantly client, project and system needs.

ECF has a staff of over One hundred (100) professionals committed to serving the Electrical Energy Market in developing commercially operated, reliable and efficient systems.

At ECF we look at the life cycle of any project and provide a point of view that is consistent with the industry and our client's overall objective, which emphasizes the insight into business priorities, risks, and operations on Brownfield and Greenfield projects, as well as Planning, Siting, Routing and Designing and Executing energy projects.

ECF specializes in customized and complete solutions tailored to meet our client's toughest business opportunities. Whether it is for a private investor project, a municipal project, large industrial plant or small private residences, retrofit or refurbishment, our experience in electrical and mechanical systems will satisfy your project needs.

Our multidisciplinary project team provides services to help our clients implement complex projects from initial concept to delivery and operation. A broad range of commercial, industrial, and investor owned clients depend on us for customized and complete solutions. Many of our professionals come from industries we are serving, so we know their business from first-hand experience. This gives us insight into their business priorities, risks, and operations. This industry experience assures our clients that we will deliver and execute solutions that meet your real world needs—and add true value to your operations.

Key Personnel

Our TeamProjects are strategically managed by key ECF personnel, base out of its West Palm Beach main Office, located approximately one-half (1/2) hour from Next Era's allowing you to take full advantage of ECF's comprehensive in-house capabilities for technical services. ECF will provide to their clients a Project Manager to serve as the point of contact for its full ECF project team (see Table 1 for Project Team Members). The ECF Project Manager would ensure that the ECF team members function effectively in providing flawless services to the client's appointed Point of Contact (POC) and any related project team. Areas of focus for the ECF Project Manager include the deployment of ECF resources and the overall management of the timing of deliverables. The overall management of this measured input from each team member is critical to the timely and cost-effective completion of each activity in the overall project schedule.

Additionally, ECF will assign an ECF Corporate Sponsor who will participate in critical meetings between the clients and the ECF team and overall, will ensure that ECF's corporate resources are properly coordinated and made available to support the ECF Project Manager and ECF's commitment to its clients. The ECF Corporate Sponsor will be directly accessible to the client's senior management and the clients appointed POC whenever necessary.

Our experienced Engineering Professionals have previously worked in multiple utilities; including the larger IOU's in the state of Florida and currently staffs a former Utility engineer as part of our team. These Professionals have extensive experience with design standards and requirements that are unique to operating utilities. This provides us with an intimate perspective on goals, objectives, and operating practices of the electrical utilities and the Caribbean region. Our engineering capabilities and familiarity with state regulations, associated legacy smart grid technology, local utilities design standards and guidelines for construction of power delivery systems is critical in allowing our clients to implement their projects in North America and Europe.

Our team has the ability to get the job done effectively and meet client's project objectives. We are confident that once the information presented in this document has be examined, it will be recognize the added value ECF can bring to their clients, in managing and charting the most appropriate course for completion of successful projects from initial engineering through final commissioning and placing facilities in service. Indicated in the table below are the proposed members of the ECF project team along with their years of experience.


Key Individual

ECF Title

ECF Office Location

Project Role

Years of Experience

Everett Fennell, PE

Managing Principal

West Palm Beach FL

ECF Management Representative


Joe Chau, PE

Principal Engineer

West Palm Beach, FL

Distributed Generation Integration Manager


Bruce Pickett, PE

Principal Engineer

West Palm Beach, FL

P&C/ Automation Manager


Ken Veronee

Principal Engineer

West Palm Beach, FL

Substation Physical Engineering Manager


Lee Davis, PE

Principal Engineer

West Palm Beach, FL

Distribution System Planning


Forest Smith

Principal Engineer

West Palm Beach, FL

Distribution System Planning


Tom Craig

Principal Engineer

West Palm Beach, FL

Distribution Engineering


Fernando Rodriquez

Principal Engineer

West Palm Beach, FL

Transmission Engineering


Richard Ware, PE

Principal Engineer

West Palm Beach, FL

Civil/Structural Engineering


Andy Boney, PE

Principal Engineer

West Palm Beach, FL

Relay Settings and Configuration Lead Engineer


Jerold Parrott

Supervising Engineer

West Palm Beach, FL

Mechanical/Substation Engineer


Tyrone Westcarth, PE

Supervising Engineer

West Palm Beach, FL

Electrical/Protection & Control Engineering


Bruce Pickett

Principal Engineer

West Palm Beach, FL

Director of Substation and Protection & Control Engineering


Jolie Gonzalez

 Principal Engineer

West Palm Beach, FL

Manager of Distribution Engineering


Anthony Myers


West Palm Beach, FL

Supervisor of Technical Services


Sean Cummings


West Palm Beach, FL

Project Manager


Jerome Fennell

Senior Systems Engineer

West Palm Beach, FL

Project Coordinator



Our Technical Experiences

Indicated below are the Client members of the ECF Management Team that have performed consulting, engineering, and design for over the past twenty five years. Detailed information with regard to projects and scope is available upon request.


Project Name



Install Automatic Field Switching SSN Communication equipment System

Installed Antenna, SSN ebridge Radio, Substation Communication Platform and other site upgrades to support FPL distribution System automatic Field Switching installation.


Smart Grid Florida – IED technical support

Project work involved the configuration (programming field devices) of radios that are paired with intelligent electrical devices (IEDs), program management and technical troubleshooting of Automated Feeder Switches (AFS) and their associated communications, as well as process and application improvement support


Communication Network /SCADA/AGC Systems

Design, engineer and installation of the new Automat generator Control and SCADA system along with SONet communication network system using latest smart technologies.

Fla Hydro

Water Turbine Generation Interconnection

Developed conceptual design for the interconnection facilities required to interconnect Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) Transmission System in the San Francisco, CA Bay area to 10 MW and up to 200 MW blocks of tidal driven generation. This design used latest smart grid technologies in the protection, control and data acquisition systems required for this installation

NextEra, USA

Various Switchyards

Conducted Relay Load ability review pursuant to NERC PRC-23 "Transmission Relay load ability" requirements.


NS1 230 /13.8 kV and NS2 138/13.8 kV Transmission and Distribution Substations

Engineered substation automation platforms for transmission and distribution substations. This project included networking substation IED's for SCADA, local annunciation, local Distributed Control System, protection functions and data acquisition local/remote to establish a full operational smart facility using state of art technology.


Develop IED Configuration Setting Guidelines for Transmission and Distribution Schemes

These guidelines outline the methodology for the preparation of configuration settings for various Progress Energy Florida protection platforms. These guidelines are intended to provide direction and guidance to engineers in changing over to smart technology devices for various protection and control and data acquisition functions.


Various (8) Locations Combine Cycle and Wind Power Plants

Negotiated interconnection agreements with electrical utilities, developed alternative interfaces, scopes of work, and technical considerations associated interconnection Competitive Power Ventures generation to electrical power system.


Desoto County Generating Company Power Plant

Provided technical support to the generator owner in documenting the methodology for determining facility rating (per NERC FAC-008 & 009 and CAN-0018) of its Generating Facility from point of interconnection to the GSU.

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