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Our Background
Why choose Us?Key ECF personnel based out of its West Palm Beach main Office as well as being, strategically located to meet the needs of each projects. ECF provides to their clients a Project Manager to serve as the point of contact for its full ECF project team.

The ECF Project Manager would ensure that the ECF team members function effectively in providing flawless services to the client's appointed Point of Contact (POC) and any related project team. Areas of focus for the ECF Project Manager include the deployment of ECF resources and the overall management of the timing of deliverables. The overall management of this measured input from each team member is critical to the timely and cost-effective completion of each activity in the overall project schedule.

Our Professionals have extensive experience with design standards and requirements that are unique to our client’s facilities. This provides us with an intimate perspective on goals, objectives, and operating practices of our electrical utilities and industrial clients. Our engineering capabilities and familiarity with national and state regulations, local utilities design standards and guidelines and construction practices are critical in allowing us to deliver the best possible service to our clients.

Our team has the ability to get the job done effectively and meet client's project objectives. We are confident that once the information presented in this document has be examined, it will be recognize the added value ECF can bring to their clients, in managing and charting the most appropriate course for completion of successful projects from initial engineering through final commissioning and placing facilities in service. Indicated in the table below are the proposed members of the ECF project team along with their years of experience.