Our Building Services

Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning

Why choose Us?ECF's HVAC design team works with the owner team from design to construction to develop the right solution such that the owner is provided with an optimized HVAC system. Our mechanical engineers are continually researching new technologies, codes and regulation updates to identify new efficiencies and safeguards for current and cost effective designs.

• Defining the basic load dynamics
• Evaluating solution alternatives via life-cycle analysis
• Optimizing system performance
• Selecting final HVAC equipment
• Establishing energy budget for owners
• Verification of proposed equipment performance
• Commissioning Design Intent

Contract And Construction Management

Our TeamECF provides a complete range of construction management services designed to assist clients in achieving business objectives. Each construction project is assigned a manager responsible for schedules, budgets, and work products for the project. ECF construction managers are experts in their respective fields and have demonstrated the ability needed to complete projects on time and within budget. The manager will oversee a team tailored to meet the exact requirements of each client. The range of services includes:
• Specification and bid package preparation
• Contractor pre-qualification
• Evaluation and solicitation of bids
• Scheduling, cost estimates and cash flow planning
• Inspection of all phases of work
• Monitoring of safety programs
• Documentation control and management

Office Systems

Our TeamAn office building must have flexible and technologically-advanced working environments that are safe, healthy, comfortable, durable, aesthetically-pleasing, and accessible. It must be able to accommodate the specific space and equipment needs of the tenant. ECF pays special attention to the selection of interior fixtures and lighting, particularly in entry spaces, conference rooms and other areas with public access. ECF offers the following Office Building Design Considerations:

• Cost-Effective
• Flexibility & Technical Connectivity
• Productive
• Secure Safe & Sustainable
• Functional/Operational
• Urban Planning

Electrical System Design

ECF provides electrical system design that deals with the technology of electricity, especially the specification and design of electrical systems and equipment for lighting, power generation and distribution, control, and communications.

• Power Systems Design
• Lighting Systems Design
• Communication Systems Design
• Alarm Systems Design
• Lightning Protection Systems Design
• Grounding Systems Design
• Instrumentation and Control Systems Design

Fire Protection System Design

Why choose Us?ECF provides fire protection system design that deals with the analysis of fire hazards. Mitigation of fire damage by proper design, construction, arrangement and use of buildings. Materials, structures and industrial processes are analyzed.

• Fire Sprinklers
• Standpipes
• Fire Detections and Alarm
• Special Hazard Systems
• Smoke Management
• Instrumentation and Control Systems Design

Community Service

Why choose Us?The Community Services building type is distinguished by the wide range of different facility types that fall under it. While all Community Services facilities share a common purpose in the service of public needs, each facility is very specialized and the functional requirements are extremely varied. Therefore, the design and functional layout of these facilities will vary widely. ECF has direct project experience with Community Service Building. community ECF offers the following Community Service Building Experience:

• Auditoriums
• Banks/Credit Unions
• Community Centers
• Child Care Facilities
• Dining Facilities
• Family Service Centers
• Fire Stations
• Fitness Center
• Museums
• Police Stations
• Post Offices
• Visitor Centers
• Youth Center

Educational Facilities

Why choose Us?Following a general trend across many building types, educational facilities are becoming increasingly specialized. For example, we have come to understand that classrooms intended for preschoolers are fundamentally different from those that best serve high school seniors or the training of mid-career professionals. Today, even the traditional idea of "classroom" as an instructor-focused learning space is changing. The growth of computer-based instruction, video projection, and other telecommunication requirements is causing us to rethink traditional educational patterns and spatial relationships. ECF specializes in providing a total educational solution, from clean air to high-tech AV wiring. ECF offers the following Educational Facilities Experience:
• Child Development Centers, including preschool and day-care
• Elementary, including K through 8th grade
• Secondary, including high school and junior college
• University, including college and post-graduate education
• Training, including computer centers and teleconference facilities

Health Care Facilities

Health care facilities encompass a wide range of types, from small and relatively simple medical clinics to large, complex, and costly, teaching and research hospitals. The design of health care facilities is governed by many regulations and technical requirements. ECF engineers are well versed with health care building codes and regulations. ECF offers the following Health Care Facility Experience:

• Hospitals
• Nursing Home
• Outpatient Clinic
• Psychiatric Facility

Transport Facility

ECF's generation services group provides a complete range of owners engineering, concept and final engineering development along with program and project management services. From the initial feasibility studies for Generation through Siting and Licensing to Commissioning and Construction, we are proven problem solvers in generation related projects. ECF has a dependable responsive reputation for meeting difficult interconnection issues for all power generation projects including minimizing where possible transmission or sub-transmission interconnects. ECF offers the following Transportation Facility Experience:

• Airport terminals
• Airport field Lighting
• Passenger gangways
• Cruise terminals

Warehouse and Storage Facilities

Why choose Us?The design of warehouse and storage facilities should consider all aspects of the basic operation. Additionally, a quality design will maximize an effective energy efficient design. Manufacturers and retailers are fast learning that what's inside the warehouse is equally as important when building a successful distribution effort. ECF specializes in the design of warehouse systems that will maintain the appropriate climate, protect supply from fire and provide efficient lighting systems. ECF offers the following Warehouse and Storage Experience:

• Heated and unheated general warehouse
• Refrigerated warehouse
• Controlled humidity warehouse

Construction, Development and Management Services

whether you are seeking a vision for market entry into the world of ENERGY, have a technology or large complex project, ECF's Consulting Division offers a solution based method geared to program to effectively integrate your system. For each of the Sectors we serve our CDM services bring about these essential features as follows:

• Planning, Feasibility and Conceptual Engineering
• Owners Engineering and Value Engineering
• Project Scoping and Development
• Engineering and Design (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Fire Protection)
• Program, Project and Construction Management
• Material Procurement and Contract Specifications Development
• Value Engineering

Project Management Engineering Services

Why choose Us?The three most important factors to consider in the Project Management Engineering Services area are: scope, schedule, project understanding, and controls. Utilizing our staff's vast years of experience, relative to the project disciplines, we utilize the most up-to-date software that allows ECF to manage any size project to a successful completion on time and on budget. ECF has gained experience managing large complex projects, such as monitoring CAPEX projects, can become a major effort for many companies. And ECF will provide these services accordingly, to meet all aspects of your project needs. The essential PMES services include:

• Scheduling
• Schedule Risk Assessment (SRA)
• Earned Value Management (EVM)
• Financial Planning & Cost Controls
• Risk Management
• Communication Plan
• Quality Assurance/Quality Control
• Procurement & Material Expediting
• Performance Tracking
• Contract Management
• Staffing Plan

Value Engineering Program

The ECF Project Team is eager to work closely with our clients to chart the best course in managing and streamlining our efforts as the project moves forward. Our Project Team will utilize a systematic approach to identify and provide the functional requirements for the project at the optimum cost, while maintaining or improving the basic design objectives. To accomplish this task, ECF's Project Team will use a Value Engineering/Construction (VEC) program that will ensure that the project's objectives will be met or exceed the desired result established by our clients. This method of providing project engineering and construction services results in a time-phase process that ends only when the final results are provided in an in-service electrical facility that meets the clients' requirements.

The ECF project team will apply VEC methodologies in managing the deliverables associated with this project. The VEC being implemented on this project follows a well-documented, proven strategy comprised of a structured process for answering the following questions:

• What is it?
• What does it do?
• What must it do?
• What does it cost?
• What is the budget?
• What is it worth?

The VEC process used by the ECF team will utilize formal reviews during monthly quality meetings to validate our conformance to the design, and engineering and construction matrices/indicators associated with tasks required to complete the project. This will be accomplished by using check valves during the engineering and construction phases of the project. These check valves serve as points in the process for a controlled approach in translating our client's guidelines, specifications, and operating practices into an electrical facility that fulfills the client's operational, performance, and cost requirements for the project.

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