Building Services

Commercial & Industrial

Our TeamPort of Palm Beach Chiller/Thermal Storage Plant, Riviera Beach, FL - Mechanical Designer of the central chiller/thermal storage plant. The design included two, 260-ton water-cooled chillers, primary/secondary pumping, complete underground distribution piping to serve cruise terminal building, pumping and piping capacity to accommodate future expansion, and approximately 2,400-ton-hours of ice storage to allow full-shift of the demand load. The system also includes complete DDC control system networked to the cruise terminal building.

U.S. Navy Charleston Passport Facility, Charleston, SC - Project Mechanical Engineer for the renovation of 68,000 SF office processing center for use by Department of State. The project included the complete design of all new HVAC, plumbing, and fire protection systems. The scope also included performing life cycle cost analysis of a ground coupled water source heat pump system versus a conventional VAV/chilled water system.

IBM, Boca Raton, FL - Design interconnection of the facility generator to the FPL system.

Motorola, Boca Raton, FL – Engineer to design reliability service for the substation and distribution feeder for 100% redundancy.

Pratt and Whitney, Jupiter, FL – Engineer to design paralleling interconnection of the facility 20 MW generators to the FPL system.

Royal Saudi Navy Forces Maritime Fire Trainer, Jubail, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – Project Mechanical Engineer for the mechanical design associated with this maritime fire trainer. The facility included a three level, 154' long structure with search and rescue corridors and cabins. Mechanical systems consisted of Fire generating equipment, smoke removal and conditioned cooling throughout. Water reclamation system consisted of deep sump pool and turbine pump.

Palm Beach County FL - Design the interconnection of a generator to the FPL system for Palm Beach County - South Florida Water Management District (Everglades Storm Water Management Project).

The Shops at Boca Center, Boca Raton, FL - Mechanical Design for several retail spaces.

Exemplary Commercial Experiences

Design and study of special electrical service for the large facilities:

• 10000 HP gas compressor, Dade County, FL
• 18000 HP gas compressor, Broward County, FL
• 60000 HP for Pratt and Whitney wind tunnel fan motor, Jupiter, FL
• 10000 HP air compressor (Palm Beach TRI GAS), West Palm Beach, FL
• 4000 HP air liquid compressor, West Palm Beach, FL
• Tropicana Fruit Industries in Ft. Pierce, FL
• Draglines (mining) and Shredder (cars), Miami, FL
• Cement plant, Miami, FL

Design Paralleling Interconnection for the followings large facilities:

• Bell South (10 MW), Miami, FL
• Georgia Pacific 60 MW generation and loads, Palatka, FL
• Tropicana Fruit Industries: 60 MW, Bradenton, FL
• Design AC distribution for 25 MW PV Solar FPL plant in - Design paralleling interconnection of the facility to FPL 230 kV transmission system, Arcadia, FL
• Design 1 MW PV generation at NASA and its interconnection to FPL system, Cocoa Beach, FL
• Palm Beach Co Resource Recovery (landfill): 60 MW, Palm Beach County, FL
• Broward Co Resource Recovery (landfill): 60 MW, Broward County, FL
• Seminole County Landfill gas recovery: 8 MW, Seminole County, FL
• Brevard Landfill, Brevard County, FL
• NASA C-5 Substation: design paralleling interconnection of NASA generator and loads to the FPL system (10 MW), Cocoa Beach, FL
• Air Force Base: paralleling interconnection of a facility generator to the FPL system at the Patrick Air Force Base Substation, Cocoa Beach FL