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Educational Facilities

Our TeamEducational facilities are becoming increasingly specialized. Today, even the traditional idea of a "classroom" as an instructor-focused learning space is changing. The growth of computer-based instruction, video projection, and telecommunication requirements is causing us to rethink traditional educational patterns, spatial relationships and facilities. ECF specializes in providing a total educational solution, from clean air to high-tech AV wiring.

Examples of projects our employees have participated in or had direct relevant and lead technical experiences include the following:

HVAC Modifications for Palm Beach County School District, Palm Beach County, FL - Lead Mechanical Engineer for various projects to add cooling to school building kitchens throughout the District. The designs included cooling equipment, independent of building main systems, exhaust and makeup air systems, controls interface with existing energy management systems, and lighting and fire alarm system upgrades as necessary.

Okeechobee School #1 Auditorium, Okeechobee, FL - Project Mechanical Engineer for the interior renovation effort, including exposing and restoring the original wood truss and deck construction in the house, expanding the backstage and dressing room areas, creating an entrance lobby with a theater ticket office and public restrooms, and introducing a central HVAC system.

Lake Sumter Community College Library, Sumter County, FL – Project Mechanical Designer for the HVAC/plumbing system design for a 15,000 SF library and classroom building. Systems included fan-powered VAV air distribution, central station air handling units with DX cooling, and complete DDC system controls interfaced with the campus-wide network.

Okeechobee School No. 2, Okeechobee, FL - Project Mechanical Engineering Manager for the complete renovation of an existing 27,000 SF classroom building. The HVAC and plumbing systems were completely replaced. The HVAC system includes 100% ice storage system with outdoor air pretreatment and chilled water fan coil system. Installation included a complete DDC energy management system.