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Power System Studies

Our TeamPower System Studies is an integral ECF service offered to assist clients in the assessment of infrastructure planning and operation. With an experienced professional staff, ECF is able to provide knowledgeable, in-depth analyses of complex local and regional issues related to the electrical grid and its technical requirements.

The design and function of the electric transmission system in this country is being transformed into a much broader concept of use and access. As Smart Grid understanding and deployments continue, with Smart devices playing a larger role in safe and reliable operation, ECF is prepared and able to respond. As these changes take place, timely planning and thoughtful system assessment will play a key role in managing the transition. It will also help to maintain the high standard of reliability expected from the electrical system. In order to maintain exceptional reliability and improve access to competitive power sources, decision-makers must have accurate information about how best to operate and upgrade the regional transmission and distribution networks. ECF expertise can help accomplish this objective.

ECF performs transmission and distribution system planning analyses and system impact studies for a variety of customers including large investor-owned utilities, merchant power plant developers and independent system operators. Examples of Power System Studies experience includes:

• Generation System Impact Studies
• System Expansion Studies
• System Modeling and Analysis
• Power Systems Studies and Fuse Coordination
• Transmission System Operating Studies
• 115 kV Capacitor Bank Switching Studies

With a comprehensive history of experience in this industry, the growing need for proven expertise in the field, and a thorough understanding of the complexities in the utility industry, ECF is an established partner in this field. ECF specializes in system planning work in the areas of steady state, stability and transient switching analyses. Other study expertise offered includes:

• Power Systems Computer Modeling
• Power Flow & Stability Studies
• Short-Circuit Fault Analyses
• Motor Start Analyses
• Detailed Loss Analyses
• Reactive Compensation Analysis
• Harmonics Analyses
• Generation & Emergency Generation Analyses
• Power Management System Studies
• Evaluation of Power Supply Alternatives
• Transmission Line Protection & Coordination
• Substation Bus & Transformer Protection
• Generation Plant Internal/Intertie Protection & Coordination
• Field Surveys of Electrical Facilities
• Insulation Coordination
• Grounding Analyses
• Switching Surge Studies
• EMF Analyses & Measurements
• Cable Sizing
• Voltage Drop Studies

ECF personnel are competent and knowledgeable users of PSS/E, PSLF, ASPEN, and ATP software analysis tools for system planning studies.

Examples of projects our employees participated in or had direct relevant and lead technical experiences include the following:

Anza | Transmission System Study
Develop a conceptual design for several interconnection options and performed a lifecycle cost analysis which includes all initial and future capital expenditures, plus all appropriate operating costs required to develop and maintain an operational facility.
FPL | Arc Flash Analysis of 13Kv Distribution System to Ensure Compliance with OSHA, NFPA and IEEE Guidelines
An analysis of all 13kV feeders applying the IEEE 1584 Arc Flash Guidelines for 8cal/cm2 incident Energy level was completed. A study determined that the SynerGEE Arc Flash module incident energy calculations are in 100% agreement with the IEEE spreadsheet results at the 13kV voltage level.
FPL | Helios, Tuckers and Skylight
Convert drawings that were provided by the vendor Substations to FPL Standard Substation Drawings format.
FPL | Distribution Field UG Vault Brickell
Distribution Field UG Vaults for network systems.
FPL | Distribution Field UG Vault Miami
Distribution Field UG Vaults for network systems.
FPL | Distribution Relay Vault Design
Prepared a Specification for a Prefabricated Distribution Relay Vault and reviewed associated drawings prepared by FPL. This was a permanent prefab relay vault that will be a similar size to the building previously developed by FPL for its Roberts/Magnolia Transmission Substations, but for the distribution station. Additionally, ECF put together a spreadsheet for use when ordering the building to support the specification by defining who would be providing what items, including how they will be delivered.
FPL | GSU Protection Relay Panel Solar Site
Developed a FPL System Relay Standard and Specification for the GSU Protection Relay Panel.
CPV | Various (8) Locations Combine Cycle Plants
Negotiated interconnection agreements with electrical utilities, developed alternative interfaces, scopes of work and technical considerations associated interconnection Competitive Power Ventures generation to electrical power system.
FPL, FL Port Everglades, Hendry and Palatka Power Plants
Provided professional services in developing conceptual scope of work and cost estimate for the changes required to FPL transmission substation facilities to support these future generation projects.
FPL, FL | St. Lucie Power Plant, Florida
Managed structural/conditional assessment and design, where necessary, to bring the switchyard steel structures and foundations at the coastal nuclear power plant to code. Current code requirements include, among other criteria, a top wind speed of 150 mph and consideration of corrosion rates.
FPL, FL | Various Substations
Performed Ground Potential Rise Studies (250 sites) for the purpose of providing the required data needed for procuring telephone communication Service from local substation Telephone Company.
FPL, NextEra & Progress Energy | Ground Grid Analysis and Lightning Viability Studies
Perform Grounding Grid and Lightning Studies through testing and Analysis of multiple substation and switchyard via the application of CDEGS and WIN IGS software.
PEF | Various Substations
Performed Ground Potential Rise Studies (30 sites) for the purpose of providing the required data needed for procuring telephone communication Service from local substation Telephone Company.
PEF | Develop IED Configuration Setting Guidelines for Transmission and Distribution Schemes
These guidelines outline the methodology for the preparation of configuration settings for various Progress Energy Florida protection platforms. These guidelines are intended to provide direction and guidance to engineers in changing over to smart technology devices for various protection and control and data acquisition functions.
HES | Interconnection Study
Developed several modifications to HES Power System to accommodate a new 138 kV interconnection between Florida Power & Light Co. (FPL) and HES Networks. Final recommendation was a new intertie by looping the FPL Davis to Florida City #2 138 kV Line and HES Lucy 138 kV Line at the new HES Redland Distribution Substation site.
HES, FPL, NEER | NERC Compliance
Provide technical support in resolving the Florida Reliability Coordinating Council, Inc. (FRCC) Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement Program On-site Compliance Audit Findings.
PEF | Develop Relay Setting Guidelines for Transmission and Distribution Schemes
These guidelines outline the methodology for the preparation of settings for various Progress Energy Florida Relay applications. These guidelines are intended to address the goal of developing consistent and error free calculations relay settings by providing guidance in establishing the set point and tripping philosophy for the various protective elements.
RGE | RGE Power System Breaker Duty Study
Perform Study and provided Finding Report to Rochester Gas & Electric (RGE) summarizing the evaluation of their power system distribution breakers interrupting ratings.