Utility Services


Our TeamECF has provided innovative design solutions for integrated and automated substation facilities. These include fully integrated automated substations with ECF performing SCADA, HMI, and PLC design and programming at the substation, as well as communications and corporate wide data archiving.

The ECF integration team has significant experience designing new substations as well as retrofitting existing sites with automation and integration systems. This experience allows us to provide modern protection and control systems, which utilize the latest in communication technology and protocols to deliver a reliable, cost effective solution. ECF expertise includes:

• Developing or applying clearly defined specifications
• Designing protection & control
• Communication interface design and implementation
• Proper protection of copper communications facilities for relaying, SCADA, telephone, etc.
• Analyzing Fault and mis-operations Data
• Programming of SCADA, PLC, and HMI systems
• Construction supervision / inspection
• Power Line Carrier system studies, design, and implementation
• Commissioning

Substations & Switchyards

ECF offers planning, design, and implementation services for any substation project. Some Smart Grid activities may include work at the substation. There is real value in ensuring communications assets installed at the substation level be able to survive the environment, thus the added substation experience is an enabler for reliability. With experience from the smallest of distribution substations up to 500 kV bulk transmission facilities, including power plant switchyards, and many other successful projects to the staff's credit, ECF is a one-stop shop for switchyard and substation projects.

ECF can provide services from initial concept, feasibility and planning studies, complete civil, mechanical, electrical, and communications design, land acquisition, and permitting. Experienced team members can deliver completed facilities from switchyards to integrated / automated substations. ECF offers substation experience in:

• Transmission Substations & Switchyards
• Station Expansions and Upgrades
• GIS Design-Build
• SCADA System Additions & Upgrades
• Capacitor Bank Additions
• Protective Relaying & Control
• Automated / Integrated Systems
• Fiber Optic Cabling
• Site Civil and Geotechnical Work
• Grounding Systems
• Communication Systems
• Access Roads & Fencing
• Communication Systems
• Insulation Coordination
• Grounding Analysis
• Relay Coordination Studies
• Fault Studies
• EMF Analysis
• Load Management Systems
• Data Acquisition- DFRs, SERs, IEDs

Examples of projects our employees participated in or had direct relevant and lead technical experiences include the following:

FPL | Levee Substation
Expand the Levee 500kV switchyard to the west to create two breaker and half bays with two additional line pull- off structures.
FPL | Levee Substation
Levee Substation was identified as a critical substation susceptible to contamination based outages. The source of the contamination is primarily dust from the dirt road and surrounding property. For this, project all 500kV insulators in the 500kV Switchyard shall be replace with RG insulators per FPL substation standards and best practices.
FPL | Levee Substation
Replace six (6) 500/230 KV Single Phase Autotransformer. This design included the capabilities of performing the transfer of an installed transformer to a standby transformer.
FPL | Quarry Substation
Construct a new 500/230kV (Quarry) substation with two 500kV (4000A) bays, four 230kV bays, and four single-phase 500/230kV, 500 MVA autotransformers, where one will be used in the spare position. The Quarry substation layout is to accommodate a future ultimate plan for two additional 500kV lines, second autotransformer and additional 230kV lines. Also, allow space for future tertiary shunt reactors and 230kV capacitor banks.
FPL | Quarry Substation
Perimeter LED's & Security Camera Perform Illumination Study for Sugar site including new 500kV Yard Expansion and replacement of all existing HPSV lighting with LED. Update all relevant substation prints to incorporate the cameras and security related equipment including but not limited to card readers and gate motor operators as stipulated by Corporate Security as well as all required conduits, grounding, circuits, and any other required details.
FPL | Raven Substation
New 230/115kV Substation - Construct one (1) 230kV bay rated for 2000 amps with one (1) line pull-off structure and connections from the West 230kV and 115kV buses to the autotransformer and three(3) 115kV bays rated for 2000 amps with five (5) line pull-off structures as shown in figure A. Install station lightning system, cameras and card reader.
FPL | TRV Modernization Project
Engineered and designed the Addition Reactors & Taming Capacitors to multiple stations.
FPL/FL | 500/230kV Poinsett Substation
Modified the 500 and 230kV yards protection for the addition of a 500kV bus tie breaker.
FPL, FL | Bobwhite Substation
Designed and Engineered a New Transmission Substation with five (5) 230 kV 3000A breaker and a half bays.
FPL, FL | Duval and Palatka Substations
Installation of new 230 kV Transmission Capacitor Banks and protective systems.
FPL, FL | Clear sky 500/230kV switchyard
Developed layout for a 6 breaker 500kV yard with two single-phase banks of 500/230kV Autos and a six bay 20 breaker 230kV layout in both AIS and GIS.
FPL, FL | Levee 500kV yard
Reconfigure 500kV yard using CIGT in order to remove the 500kV dead end towers.
FPL, FL | Martin 500kV Switchyard
Engineered the replacement of a breaker, one wavetrap and two sets of CCVT's.
FPL, FL | Various Substations
Replaced existing 138 and 230 kV transmission Capacitor Banks and protective systems.
NextEra, NM | Red Mesa Wind Park Collector System
EPC Contract for the installation of Harmonic Filter Substation and Battery Storage Systems.
NextEra, USA | Various Switchyards
Conducted Relay Loadability review pursuant to NERC PRC-23 "Transmission Relay loadability" requirements.