Utility Services


Our TeamECF is unique in the way we perform projects from the initial studies, to the detailed design and construction management, to the final commissioning, offering client's experienced seller-doer's the capability to scope, estimate, develop and execute the technical aspects associated with the following energy projects types:

• Utility Additions, Upgrades and Refurbishments
• Renewable/Non-Utility Interconnections and Collector Stations

ECF is comprised of experienced engineers, knowledgeable in planning, designing, and installing facilities that meet a client's financial, technical, and scheduling goals. Our professionals, unlike other companies, have designed and operated utility systems around the country as employees, and with that experience, offer specialized insight to clients. On Energy Sector Projects up to 500 kV systems around the nation, our professionals provide owners consulting, engineering, development, quality and turnkey services to help our clients implement complex CAPEX and developing projects from initial concept to energization. ECF's professional industry experience supports industry accepted practices with practical cost effective solutions in the emerging Energy Sectors that are included with every project. Our goal is to deliver and execute quality solutions that are tailored to meet the industry guidelines, technological advances, and most importantly the client's project and system needs. We use these experiences to develop cost effective ideas that can be implemented in the most practical manner for each project. Our staff has consistently used past experiences to develop cost effective ideas that can be implemented in the most practical manner for each project from the initial planning through final design while providing both Energy and Renewable Clients Expertise in the following Disciplines:

• Substations and Switchyards
• AIS and GIS
• Brownfield and Greenfield
• Overhead & Underground Transmission
• Siting, Planning and Linear Projects
• Distribution Lines and Third Party Fiber
• Relay Protection and Control
• Civil, Structural and Site Work
• Power System Planning and Studies
• NERC Compliance, SMART GRID and Automation
• Communications
• Grounding Studies