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ECF has a unique combination of resources and experience that is ideally suited to successfully meet all of your project needs. With our hands-on experience as owners, operators and consultants, the knowledge we bring to execute efficient design and construction of energy efficient facilities, state, regionally and nationally, will enhance your project team's capabilities. We pride ourselves on our ability to complete projects expeditiously, safely and efficiently.

Generation / Non-Utility Interconnection

Water Turbine Generation Interconnection
Perform a high level review of a utility's transmission system in the San Francisco, CA Bay area for locations to interconnect 10 MW and up to 200 MW blocks of generation

Surveillance Monitoring System
Design high security camera monitoring system with analytics along with LED lighting fixtures

Construction Development and Management

Various (8) Locations Combine Cycle Plants
Negotiated interconnection agreements with electrical utilities, developed alternative interfaces, scopes of work, and technical considerations associated with the interconnection of a major power generation company to an electrical power system.

Various (4) Locations Wind Power Plants
Negotiated interconnection agreements with electrical utilities, developed alternative interfaces, scopes of work, and technical considerations associated with interconnection of a major power generation company to an electrical power system

Transmission System Study
Develop a conceptual design for several interconnection options and performed a lifecycle cost analysis which includes all initial and future capital expenditures, plus all appropriate operating costs required to develop and maintain an operational facility.

Retail Project

The Shops at Boca Center, Boca Raton, FL – Mechanical Design for several retail spaces.

Contract and Construction Management

NERC Compliance
Provide technical support in resolving the Florida Reliability Coordinating Council, Inc. (FRCC) Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement Program On-site Compliance Audit Findings.


Substation, Protection and Development
FPL – Install Automatic Field Switching SSN Communication equipment System
FPL – Smart Grid Florida – IED technical support
HES – Communication Network /SCADA/AGC Systems
FPL – MPLS Projects – Over 200 Substations Communication Network's upgrade
FPL – FPL Power System facilities
CNYOG – NS1 230 /13.8 kV and NS2 138/13.8 kV Transmission and Distribution Substations
NEER – Various Substations; Performed Arc Flash studies for NEER at Power Delivery Substations to comply with the new ruling of OSHA 1926.
FPL – Contracted support for database efforts in support of Grid Automation deployment
FPL – AFS Program- Identify suitable locations to install 500 new AFS switches. (Automated Feeder Switches)
FPL – Development of Protective relay solution to mitigate the feeder exposure associated with Arc Flash events on the distribution network
FPL – Upgrade over 500 Substations to support FPL smart grid installations equipment installation

Project Management and Engineering Studies

Interconnection Study Develop several modifications to a major utility to accommodate a new 138 kV interconnection between and the Midwest utility. Final recommendation was a new intertie by looping the eastern utility's 138 kV Line and the Midwest's 138 kV Line at the new Midwest Distribution Substation site.

Power Plant
Managed structural/conditional assessment and design, where necessary, to bring the switchyard steel structures and foundations at the coastal nuclear power plant to code. Current code requirements include, among other criteria, a top wind speed of 150 mph and consideration of corrosion rates.

Power System Breaker Duty Study
Performed a study and provided a Finding Report to a major east coast utility, summarizing the evaluation of their power system distribution breakers interrupting ratings.

Relay Protection & Control

Developed manual outlining the preparation of relay settings for an Utility's Combustion Turbine Generator Protection System
This manual is intended to provide guidance in establishing the setpoint and tripping philosophy for the various protective functions in the Generator Protection Systems being applied on a major utility's combustion turbine generators.

MCO Relay Project
Replaced Multiple Relays at a north eastern major utility station as part of program.

Develop Relay Setting Guidelines for Transmission and Distribution Schemes
These guidelines outline the methodology for the preparation of settings for various relay applications. These guidelines are intended to address the goal of developing consistent and error free calculations relay settings by providing guidance in establishing the setpoint and tripping philosophy for the various protective elements.

Generator Relay Settings
For Martin Plan, Ft. Lauderdale/Stanford Plan:
Huge 24 hour running 900mW machine designed to monitor a particular generator's health
Works within milliseconds
20+ regulated components
Built to shut down before generator is shot
Fixes small problems before becoming critical
Sayreville Balance Relay


Our TeamSwitchyard Breaker Replacement Engineered the replacement of a breaker, one wavetrap and two sets of CCVT's.

Various breaker replacement project from: Transmission high side breakers 500 to 138kV to Distribution low side breakers from 23 to 13.8kV

Modification of existing foundation and structures to support and maintain minimum industry and national clearance during breaker replacements.

Various retrofit replacement to include the following from vendors such as S&C, Southern States, Pascor Atlantic, USCO, ABB etc:

Load Breaking Switches MOD
Line Dropping Switches MOD
Line Splitting Switches Fault Interrupters
High Side Disconnects
Low Side Disconnects

Feeder Breaker Addition/Replacement: Addition of feeder breaker to support customer demand, reconfiguring and balancing of feeder loads within the yard and replace existing feeder bay for continued support of customer base.

Switchyard Unit Connection Project Engineering for a 500kV (5) breaker GIS Ring Bus and 3 AIS breaker unit connection. 500/230kV Substation Modification Modified the 500 and 230kV yards protection for the addition of a 500kV bus tie breaker.

Design new 230kV side of the existing 138kV switchyard with perimeter and security monitoring cameras and LED lighting.

Rebuild 500kV Auto Banks with spares: Install two(2) 550MVA autotransformer banks with common spare and four(4) transformer storage units on site

New 500kV Ring Bus at the Bobwhite Facility with off-site power: Design five(5) 75W Gas Generators as backup power.

Our TeamPower Plant and Distribution System

Performed electrical engineering tasks associated with the detail design of the 70MW On Site Thermal Power Plant (OSTPP) EPC, the Main Substation and the 15kV power distribution system for an Island. Duties included preparation of a complete Engineering, Procurement, and Construction contract (EPC) for an island.

Build New Line Terminals: Design new breaker line terminals to convert existing single line configurations into more reliable schemes and designs thus increasing the reliability of the transmission lines. 500kV Yard Reconfiguration

Reconfigured a 500kV yard using CIGT in order to remove the 500kV dead end towers.

500/230kV Switchyard Layouts

500kV yard with two single phase banks of 500/230kV Autos and a six bay 20 breaker 230kV layout in both AIS and GIS configuration.

Design new 230/138kV Ring bus with direct service into the Florida Gas Transmission.

Switchgear Replacement Project

Engineer responsible for 15 kV Switchgear Replacement and Protection and Control designs.

Increase Capacities

Addition of new transformer to existing station

Upgrading of existing Transformer with a greater MVA unit

Replacement go existing unit with newer more modern units (with LTC or regulators respectively)

Addition of LMS system to support new transformers

Add new transformer oil monitoring system

Capacitor Bank: Design various capacitor banks within different voltage classes and MVARs rating to support the steady state operation of the FPL power system

Grounding and Lighting

Test and analyze the grounding of existing structures and equipment at various sites in the USA and Canada; providing detail and reliable grounding reports to utility base and mining customers. Design the required illumination needed to support sate and secured working conditions inside new and existing substation perimeter where the illumination of important equipment is necessary

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