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At ECF, our substation engineering team has developed, designed, constructed and commissioned hundreds of substations as consultants and members of utilities. We can provide services from initial concept, feasibility and planning studies, complete civil, mechanical, and electrical design. Experienced team members can deliver completed facilities from switchyards to integrated / automated substations.

Substations & Switchyards
ECF offers planning, design, and implementation services for any substation project. Some Smart Grid activities may include work at the substation. There is real value in ensuring communications assets installed at the substation level be able to survive the environment, thus the added substation experience is an enabler for reliability. With experience from the smallest of distribution substations up to 500 kV bulk transmission facilities, including power plant switchyards, and many other successful projects to the staff's credit, ECF is a one-stop shop for switchyard and substation projects. ECF can provide services from initial concept, feasibility and planning studies, complete civil, mechanical, electrical, and communications design, land acquisition, and permitting. Experienced team members can deliver completed facilities from switchyards to integrated / automated substations. ECF offers substation experience in:

Transmission Substations & Switchyards
Station Expansions and Upgrades
GIS Design-Build
SCADA System Additions & Upgrades
Capacitor Bank Additions
Protective Relaying & Control
Automated/ Integrated Systems
Fiber Optic Cabling
Site Civil and Geotechnical
Grounding Systems
Communication Systems
Access Roads & Fencing
Communication Systems
Insulation Coordination
Grounding Analysis
Relay Coordination Studies
Fault Studies
EMF Analysis

Substation Automation
ECF has provided many innovative design solutions for integrated and automated substation facilities. These include fully integrated automated substations with ECF [performing SCADA, HMI, and PLC design and programming at the substation, as well as communications and corporate wide data archiving.

The ECF integration team has significant experience designing new substations as well as retrofitting existing sites with automation and integration systems. This experience allows us to provide modern protection and control systems, which utilize the latest in communication technology and protocols to deliver a reliable, cost effective solution. ECF expertise includes:

Developing or applying clearly defined specifications
Designing protection & control
Communication interface design and implementation
Proper protection of copper communications facilities for relaying, SCADA, telephone, etc.
Programming of SCADA, PLC, and HMI systems
Construction supervision / inspection
Protection system studies, design, and coordination with distribution automation platforms

Relay Protection & Control

Our TeamOur history of design and commissioning of relay systems, offers the range of knowledge necessary to implement simple or dual relaying systems for your complete project. From conceptual design, schematic development and device coordination, our engineers and designers can provide solutions to your relaying additions, upgrades or problems including the protective device settings. All projects from new construction to retrofit, our engineers are capable of assisting any project.


The ECF Communication Team offers an exceptional combination of power delivery skills and traditional communication project experience. This has enabled ECF to provide the best possible full-service telecom solutions, such as, Broadband Optical, RF networks, and developing Local Area Networks, based on objectives, best practices, and budget to meet the needs of our clients.

Communications Networks
ECF professionals will work closely with clients' power engineers as well as the IT and Telecom teams as needed, to ensure an appropriate level of understanding of the data services and environmental needs of equipment installed in a substation. IEEE has standards and guidelines developed and in place to provide assistance in proliferating the understanding of the requirements to the necessary personnel, to assist in winning the support of professionals not traditionally familiar with the different needs found in a substation environment.

The deployment of Smart Grid devices and communications networks will provide an even greater push toward moving traditionally data-center located equipment out to the edge of the network, closer to the user. ECF personnel have the experience to ensure that the overall system architecture and designs will be robust and secure enough to provide years of reliable service.

Generation & Non-Utility Interconnection

ECF's generation services group provides a complete range of owners engineering, concept and final engineering development along with program and project management services. From the initial feasibility studies for Generation through Siting and Licensing to Commissioning and Construction, we are proven problem solvers in generation related projects. ECF has a dependable responsive reputation for meeting difficult interconnection issues for all power generation projects including minimizing where possible transmission or sub-transmission interconnects.

Generation Integration
From the initial feasibility studies for distributed generation through siting and licensing to construction and automating and commissioning of the most modern generation facilities, ECF Power Delivery provides a complete range of design and project management services.

ECF staff has been particularly active in the interconnections of energy sources to the power system. Our staff has been serving the interconnection needs of most of the client for projects all over the country. ECF's utility background and experience makes them uniquely qualified to deal with all aspects of the plant interconnection process. This ensures a smooth process from preliminary engineering through asset turnover to the client.

ECF's approach from bid to commissioning is to work through interconnection requirements in a manner that satisfies both the plant and host utility. In each of ECF's projects, the host utility requirements have been met in all respects, and the interconnecting facilities were available for feedback on schedule.

Interconnection experience includes complete Engineering, Procurement and Construction contracts including the host utility and ISO interface, outage scheduling, development of document submittals to the NPCC Reliability Committee, assessment of Bulk Power Requirements, and asset turnover documents. These same skills have also proven beneficial in evaluating issues within the plant protection systems. Typically the scope of work has been expanded to include issues specific to the plant and generator protection systems and how they relate to the utility and ISO requirements.

Power System Studies

Power System Studies is an integral ECF service offered to assist clients in the assessment of infrastructure planning and operation. With an experienced professional staff, ECF is able to provide knowledgeable, in-depth analyses of complex local and regional issues related to the electrical grid and its technical requirements.

ECF performs transmission and distribution system planning analyses and system impact studies for a variety of customers including large investor-owned utilities, merchant power plant developers and independent system operators. Examples of Power System Studies experience includes:

Generation System Impact Studies
System Expansion Studies
System Modeling and Analysis
Arc Flash Study
Power System Studies
Transmission System Operating Studies
Capacitor Bank Switching Studies
Relay and Fuse Coordination Study
With a comprehensive history of experience in this industry, the growing need for proven expertise in the field, and a thorough understanding of the complexities in the utility industry, ECF is an established partner in this field. ECF specializes in system planning work in the areas of steady state, stability and transient switching analyses.

Other study expertise offered includes:

Power Systems Computer Modeling
Power Flow & Stability Studies
Short-Circuit Fault Analyses
Motor Start Analyses
Detailed Loss Analyses
Reactive Compensation Analysis
Harmonics Analyses
Generation & Emergency Generation Analyses
Power Management System Studies
Evaluation of Power Supply Alternatives
Transmission Line Protection & Coordination
Substation Bus & Transformer Protection
Generation Plant Internal/Intertie Protection & Coordination
Field Surveys of Electrical Facilities
Insulation Coordination
Grounding Analyses
Switching Surge Studies
EMF Analyses & Measurements
Cable Sizing
Voltage Drop Studies

ECF personnel are competent and knowledgeable users of SynerGEE, PSS/E, PSLF, ASCLIENTN, Aspen, SKM, Arc-Pro and ATP software analysis tools for system planning studies.

Construction Development and Management Service

Whether you are seeking a vision for market entry into the world of ENERGY, have a technology or large complex project, ECF's Consulting Division offers a solution based method geared to program to effectively integrate your system.

Commissioning & Testing
Utilizing a staff of experienced engineers and test technicians, ECF offers comprehensive commissioning and testing services. The team approach results in a high quality product that includes well documented test results, drawings and reports. A highly experienced support staff of engineers makes ECF exceptionally qualified to solve complex problems, evaluate design issues, and offer timely solutions. ECF technicians and engineers are experienced working in the utility and industrial environment with safety being their primary priority during all activities. A continuously revised and reviewed safety program ensures safe work conditions for personnel.

Project Management and Engineering Services

The three most important factors to consider in the Project Management Engineering Services area are: scope, schedule, project understanding, and controls. Utilizing our staff's vast years of experience, relative to the project disciplines, we utilize the most up-to-date software that allows ECF to manage any size project to a successful completion on time and on budget. ECF has gained experience managing large complex projects, such as monitoring CAPEX projects, can become a major effort for many companies.

Contract and Construction Management

ECF provides a complete range of construction management services designed to assist clients in achieving business objectives. Each construction project is assigned a manager responsible for schedules, budgets, and work products for the project. ECF construction managers are experts in their respective fields and have demonstrated the ability needed to complete projects on time and within budget.

Value Engineering Program

Our TeamThe ECF Project Team is eager to work closely with our clients to chart the best course in managing and streamlining our efforts as the project moves forward. Our Project Team will utilize a systematic approach to identify and provide the functional requirements for the project at the optimum cost, while maintaining or improving the basic design objectives.

To accomplish this task, ECF's Project Team will use a Value Engineering/Construction (VEC) program that will ensure that the project's objectives will be met or exceed the desired result established by our clients.

This method of providing project engineering and construction services results in a time-phase process that ends only when the final results are provided in an in-service electrical facility that meets the clients' requirements.

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